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Especially bad captures from the TV footage


but at least I made Admiral !


The local newspapers have a field day



 OK, I know that I said that I was finished with conventions, but I wasn't finished with Trek. One last hurrah.

 After 12 years I decided to come in from the cold. I had moved from South London to Milton Keynes, and hadn't built up a network of friends like I had in London. I thought that getting back into Trek would be a painless way to do this, and found a local group of Trekkers, headed by Bo Maxwell.

 I joined Endeavour just as Sky had decided to show the original Trek episodes in the correct order including the banned episodes. They wanted to trailer this event with a piece running on Sky News, so contacted Bo and asked him to put together a few people to be interviewed. He gathered around 30 of us, first at the local bowling alley, and then at the hotel by Willen Lake in Milton Keynes to stage a mini-con for the cameras. They also asked for volunteers to be interviewed and wear uniforms for the local press and on-screen. I didn't put my hand up as I didn't have a costume, but one of the organisers had a spare Starfleet Admiral's shirt, so I put that on over my t-shirt and did my piece to camera.

 Hilariously, they used my bit and not his in the final edit. It was a laugh, especially when we made the front page of one local, and had items in two other papers. Result.

Of course, in those days Sky had a minimal audience, so I had to rely on someone else to record my moment in the spotlight.

 This revisit to the world of sci-fi was short lived as Bo folded the club after a while, but it was a laugh while it lasted.




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